A Spring Spring

Took a first look at my springtime yard today, since it was so nice out. Last fall I deliberately didn’t rake any leaves, and the resulting piles acted as natural mulch on the lilies and other flora that are starting their primavera growth. The thorny rose stalks are even beginning to bud. I picked up a few bags of top soil and some grass seed to fill in a depression along my treeless tree-lawn and covered that with some leaf mould to hopefully keep birds from eating it all. I did a lot of raking and sweeping and bagging; some picking up of litter from my ex-neighboors who were fond of throwing bags of trash from their balcony directly to the tree-lawn. Burst bags and blowing rubbish resultant. The folks across the street came out and started doing the same.

Then I helped clean out Debbie’s car and more rubbish-tossing.  I’m ready for a big yard sale in May. Probably too late to get the whole street in on it. All those ants that have been hibernating in my pants woke up. I’m over-ready to be working on my digs.