A Spring Spring

Took a first look at my spring­time yard today, since it was so nice out. Last fall I delib­er­ate­ly didn’t rake any leaves, and the result­ing piles act­ed as nat­ur­al mulch on the lilies and oth­er flo­ra that are start­ing their pri­mav­era growth. The thorny rose stalks are even begin­ning to bud. I picked up a few bags of top soil and some grass seed to fill in a depres­sion along my tree­less tree-lawn and cov­ered that with some leaf mould to hope­ful­ly keep birds from eat­ing it all. I did a lot of rak­ing and sweep­ing and bag­ging; some pick­ing up of lit­ter from my ex-neigh­boors who were fond of throw­ing bags of trash from their bal­cony direct­ly to the tree-lawn. Burst bags and blow­ing rub­bish resul­tant. The folks across the street came out and start­ed doing the same.

Then I helped clean out Debbie’s car and more rub­bish-toss­ing.  I’m ready for a big yard sale in May. Prob­a­bly too late to get the whole street in on it. All those ants that have been hiber­nat­ing in my pants woke up. I’m over-ready to be work­ing on my digs.