Emo Tantrum

As I passed the House of Blues today on the way to my bus stop I saw a high school emo boy throwing a tantrum at his girlfriend. She caught it and threw it right back, but was certainly the more “mature” of the two. He was almost high-step stomping his way toward me with a giant poutywhine face half visible under his dirty combed-over-one-eye hairstyle and he tore something out of his pocket and slammed it to the ground as he stomped along. His girlfriend was behind him yelling for him to come back. He took out his concert tickets and threw them to the ground as well before continuing his stomp around to East 4th toward Lola.

The girlfriend yelled “I’m tired of your shit!”, picked up one of the tickets and went into the HoB. I picked up the other ticket before it blew into a puddle and dropped it back at the ticket booth in case emo boy’s tantrum wore off and he decided he actually wanted his $21 ticket to see “Hot Topic Presents The Sub City Take Action Tour featuring Every Time I Die, From First To Last, The Bled, August Burns Red, The Human Abstract”

By the way, From First to Last has an album called Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count. I suppose, technically, that makes Tantrum-thrower emocore, but I don’t really care.