Emo Tantrum

As I passed the House of Blues to­day on the way to my bus stop I saw a high school emo boy throw­ing a tantrum at his girl­friend. She caught it and threw it right back, but was cer­tain­ly the more “ma­ture” of the two. He was al­most high-step stomp­ing his way to­ward me with a gi­ant pouty­whine face half vis­i­ble un­der his dirty combed-over-one-eye hair­style and he tore some­thing out of his pock­et and slammed it to the ground as he stomped along. His girl­friend was be­hind him yelling for him to come back. He took out his con­cert tick­ets and threw them to the ground as well be­fore con­tin­u­ing his stomp around to East 4th to­ward Lola.

The girl­friend yelled “I’m tired of your shit!”, picked up one of the tick­ets and went in­to the HoB. I picked up the oth­er tick­et be­fore it blew in­to a pud­dle and dropped it back at the tick­et booth in case emo boy’s tantrum wore off and he de­cid­ed he ac­tu­al­ly want­ed his $21 tick­et to see “Hot Topic Presents The Sub City Take Action Tour fea­tur­ing Every Time I Die, From First To Last, The Bled, August Burns Red, The Human Abstract”

By the way, From First to Last has an al­bum called Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count. I sup­pose, tech­ni­cal­ly, that makes Tantrum-throw­er emo­core, but I don’t re­al­ly care.