Music Power

I’ve been burn­ing up Immortal Technique late­ly; dig­ging through a bunch of cov­ers by of Montréal, Downloading the thou­sands of songs in the SXSW mu­sic tor­rents, the on­line-on­ly re­lease Over the Counter Culture by Tim Fite [who was in my 2006 Best of CD] and this elec­tron­i­ca re­lease by Fake Corporation of America: You Are Not Dead, A Guide to Modern Living.

I’m look­ing for­ward to up­com­ing shows in the Cleveland area by O’Death, and Cadence Weapon [and the chance to pick up his newest re­lease, Afterparty Babies. He was on my 2007 Best of CD]. I’m al­so ea­ger­ly await­ing the Lottery League show at the Beachland this April.

In mu­sic lust land, I’m re­al­ly want­i­ng to dish out some se­ri­ous bucks for the spe­cial pack­ages of­fered at the STOP SMILING store; most no­tably the Music Lovers Package, the Jazz Lovers Care Package and the Hip Hop Package. I’m al­so lust­ing af­ter their Two Superfan Subscription BOGO of­fer they’ve got go­ing; I just don’t know who to get to split the tick­et with me. It is such a great mag­a­zine. I’ve al­ready or­dered The Scarring Party’s newest re­lease Come Into the Light; they might be com­ing to Cleveland in June so I hope they aren’t play­ing the night Debbie goes in­to la­bor. I missed the Division of Planes show last June be­cause I was in Canada.

I talked with Rafeeq ages ago about start­ing a mu­sic site for Cleveland mu­si­cians, and I’m get­ting ea­ger to put some­thing like that to­geth­er. I haven’t talked to him about it in so long, and it was his idea in the first place, so I don’t want to take off and give it a shot with­out his bless­ing. I have about n + 1 ideas for it, but I’d re­al­ly need his net­work­ing and per­sua­sion abil­i­ties to get oth­er con­trib­u­tors go­ing for it.