Music Power

I’ve been burning up Immortal Technique lately; digging through a bunch of covers by of Montreal, Downloading the thousands of songs in the SXSW music torrents, the online-only release Over the Counter Culture by Tim Fite [who was in my 2006 Best of CD] and this electronica release by Fake Corporation of America: You Are Not Dead, A Guide to Modern Living.

I’m looking forward to upcoming shows in the Cleveland area by O’Death, and Cadence Weapon [and the chance to pick up his newest release, Afterparty Babies. He was on my 2007 Best of CD]. I’m also eagerly awaiting the Lottery League show at the Beachland this April.

In music lust land, I’m really wanting to dish out some serious bucks for the special packages offered at the STOP SMILING store; most notably the Music Lovers Package, the Jazz Lovers Care Package and the Hip Hop Package. I’m also lusting after their Two Superfan Subscription BOGO offer they’ve got going; I just don’t know who to get to split the ticket with me. It is such a great magazine. I’ve already ordered The Scarring Party‘s newest release Come Into the Light; they might be coming to Cleveland in June so I hope they aren’t playing the night Debbie goes into labor. I missed the Division of Planes show last June because I was in Canada.

I talked with Rafeeq ages ago about starting a music site for Cleveland musicians, and I’m getting eager to put something like that together. I haven’t talked to him about it in so long, and it was his idea in the first place, so I don’t want to take off and give it a shot without his blessing. I have about n + 1 ideas for it, but I’d really need his networking and persuasion abilities to get other contributors going for it.