Next Door Neighbors

Not only did my crazy yelling neigh­bor get evict­ed, but the dude that lives upstairs, a relaxed and friend­ly guy, just got tak­en away by the cops on sus­pi­cion of gun pos­ses­sion. Based on what his dis­traught girl­friend was yelling from the bal­cony, some­one gave a false report about it and she blamed the folks who live across the street. Deb­bie and I have been hold­ing a the­o­ry that drug deal­ing has been going on in front of our house for awhile, lots of quick traf­fic stops and vis­its. The dis­traught girl­friend sup­port­ed this in her yelling about how “peo­ple just don’t want peo­ple deal­ing drugs in front of they house.” I’m not sure if she was actu­al­ly say­ing that her or her baby dad­dy were sell­ing drugs, or just that folks were sell­ing drugs in front of their house, much like folks are sell­ing drugs in front of my house. Since we live next door to each oth­er, I’m inclined to agree with the sec­ond the­o­ry, espe­cial­ly since it would be the height of fool­ish­ness for her to admit to sell­ing drugs when there are three cars full of cops in front of the house.

One of the cops was being unnec­es­sar­i­ly rude to her, telling her she had a pot­ty mouth in a mock­ing tone and say­ing he was going to throw a snow­ball at her if she didn’t calm down. I’m not con­don­ing Dis­traught Girlfriend’s behav­ior, but I’d expect a bit more matu­ri­ty from Cleveland’s Finest.

I wasn’t out rub­ber­neck­ing ini­tial­ly, I went out to shov­el the side­walk and Debbie’s car, I was about 30% done before I even noticed the cops. So much for my obser­va­tion­al skills. Every­where I’ve lived in the GCA, I’ve had drug deal­ing occur­ring out­side my res­i­dence. I’m rather inured to it now.

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  • i think cleve­land is real­ly miss­ing a finan­cial resource here. All the deal­ers around my gal­leries in Tremont & Ohio City made more mon­ey than us and should any of that scratch had been taxed, it could help line someone’s pock­ets with dirty dough. How­ev­er, once the kid arrives you might want to choose white col­lar crime over cleveland’s drug blues. After hav­ing two of my win­dows in Cleve­land shot out from ghet­tospy vs ghet­tospy, i am dread­ing the third

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