Next Door Neighbors

Not only did my crazy yelling neighbor get evicted, but the dude that lives upstairs, a relaxed and friendly guy, just got taken away by the cops on suspicion of gun possession. Based on what his distraught girlfriend was yelling from the balcony, someone gave a false report about it and she blamed the folks who live across the street. Debbie and I have been holding a theory that drug dealing has been going on in front of our house for awhile, lots of quick traffic stops and visits. The distraught girlfriend supported this in her yelling about how “people just don’t want people dealing drugs in front of they house.” I’m not sure if she was actually saying that her or her baby daddy were selling drugs, or just that folks were selling drugs in front of their house, much like folks are selling drugs in front of my house. Since we live next door to each other, I’m inclined to agree with the second theory, especially since it would be the height of foolishness for her to admit to selling drugs when there are three cars full of cops in front of the house.

One of the cops was being unnecessarily rude to her, telling her she had a potty mouth in a mocking tone and saying he was going to throw a snowball at her if she didn’t calm down. I’m not condoning Distraught Girlfriend’s behavior, but I’d expect a bit more maturity from Cleveland’s Finest.

I wasn’t out rubbernecking initially, I went out to shovel the sidewalk and Debbie’s car, I was about 30% done before I even noticed the cops. So much for my observational skills. Everywhere I’ve lived in the GCA, I’ve had drug dealing occurring outside my residence. I’m rather inured to it now.

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  1. i think cleveland is really missing a financial resource here. All the dealers around my galleries in Tremont & Ohio City made more money than us and should any of that scratch had been taxed, it could help line someone’s pockets with dirty dough. However, once the kid arrives you might want to choose white collar crime over cleveland’s drug blues. After having two of my windows in Cleveland shot out from ghettospy vs ghettospy, i am dreading the third

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