Snow Accomplishments

I decided to go ahead and put my new design out there in its 40% done state. Having to see it whenever I look at my site should encourage me to finish it up. I'm using one of Eric Meyer's reset styles as the base, and building from it. Eventually I hope to go through each post and fix it up as consistently and accessibly as possible, since I know a lot more about such things than I did even two years ago. I'm also letting the design show my newfound interest in typography. I'll be tweaking that as I go along as well. As always, if you notice any errors or such, please let me know.

Parts & Labor Screen Print by Jon HicksAfter nearly going crazy yesterday in my snowedinitude it was nice to get out and about today. I shoveled the first foot of snow yesterday, so that busting out this morning wouldn't take quite as long. Shoveling my portion of the walk was pretty easy, but I also had the chance to shovel out an ambulance which had become stuck on Holmden. I think they forgot to plow our street, since all of the other side streets around us have seen it at least once. The fire truck showed up too to help the ambulance. I grabbed a couple of rugs to put under the tires and the ambulance managed to free itself. Those rugs came in handy twice more today, a few minutes later I used them to help my neighbors who were also stuck in the drifts and then, coming back from Debbie's parents' house we used them to get out of their driveway.

We picked up some homemade sawhorses so I could use my new circular saw and cut some drawer bottoms out of the leftover luaun from the floor installation. It was a good use of the scraps, and I figure the cedar will help preserve whatever I decide to put in the filing cabinet. We also picked up the almost last of our framing orders and hung up a Miro, Giotto di Bondone [framed] and a piece I picked up at Pitchfork last year [framed]. Our previous order included the Jon Hicks designed screen print [pictured] of the Parts & Labor show I was at last summer.

6 thoughts on “Snow Accomplishments

  1. Hey, glad to see an­oth­er Cleveland guy who weath­ered the storm rel­a­tive­ly well and gave a help­ing hand when it was need­ed.  And who’s us­ing my re­set styles to boot!  Now I’m all choked up.

  2. Hey Eric, thanks for com­ment­ing and for pro­vid­ing that re­set style to work with. It helped me a lot. Now I’m a bit em­bar­rassed that you’re look­ing at a site that has val­i­da­tion er­rors and is still so rough around the edges. I’m try­ing to talk my boss at the County in­to get­ting us ad­mis­sion to the An Event Apart in Chicago. Hopefully it will go well.

  3. Like the new style Adam.  How much longer un­til the wee one is here?  I’m glad the snow didn’t hit here, we’ve had enough this win­ter.  We’ve not had all that much at once, but it seemed like I had shov­el 3 inch­es every oth­er day there for a while.

  4. No em­bar­rass­ment, please.  Believe me, I don’t go around val­i­dat­ing every site I hit; val­i­da­tion is a tool, not a weapon.  You’re try­ing and do­ing your best and that, above all else, is what counts.

    If your boss needs a lit­tle ex­tra con­vinc­ing, shoot me an e-mail (use the ad­dress I sup­plied on this com­ment) and I’ll see what can be done.  We can prob­a­bly dig up a gov­ern­ment-sec­tor dis­count from some­where, and if you’re plan­ning to send a group, that would help too.

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