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Cleveland Housing Affordability

There are some good interactive utilities out there for determining housing affordability based upon various metrics. The Center for Neighborhood Technology has a Housing + Transportation Affordability Index and the New York Times has a calculator that determines whether it is better to rent or buy based upon selectable criteria. There’s also WalkScore, which determines […]


I don’t know why this wasn’t published a couple of days ago. The new version of WordPress has some weird bugs in it. Life at home this week has been a flurry of task-dragon slaying. Every Thursday I clean a bit of the shed out back, piling up towers of junk on the curb for […]

Weekend Update

Yesterday was a bit of a wash in terms of accomplishment. I had some appliances delivered ass-early in the morning, which turned out to be excellent, because by 9am I was at the hospital with Debbie. She’d been having erratic contractions all night and since she’s 32 weeks along Colleen our midwife had us come […]


Forked over for some plant life this weekend. For the most part my yard takes care of itself, daffodils and tulips blooming everywhere and the roses starting their warm-up set. I had to repot some sort of succulent that I purchased in the depths of winter for my office, it is doing much better split […]

This Dominion

I evict. The most I must kill is a mouse. A rat. Just a tray of clear glue. And then squealing. It is said: dirt is matter out of place. How long did it wait, unknowing, for me? Unable to free its paws. I need pliers to clean it. Reset it. It squealed. It took […]


Apparently, if I behave myself, I’ll be allowed to catch the kid as Debbie pushes him out. I’ve been practicing. A few weeks ago I bought a catcher’s mitt; I’m softening it up with mink oil and keeping it wrapped around a softball to get a nice pocket created for the kid’s head. Catching my […]

Lottery League Recap

To all those who have negative things to say about the future of Cleveland, I submit the Lottery League. I showed up to the Beachland about 20 minutes before the show started and stayed for the duration. The ache in my feet and knees today is a testament to the fact that I’m not as […]


Watched a hunting peregrine falcon from my office window and another raptor, much larger, stopped in for an inspection. Didn’t look much like a bald eagle, but could have been a juvenile; they don’t have the markings yet. I don’t know of any other sizable birds of prey in this area. Lost my fountain pen. […]

Video Variations

Quite the puzzle; the last little bit. After getting my iMac back in November, I had to refigure the best way of taking vids from my consumer model still camera and getting them YouTube ready. Hassle. Apples don’t like MPEGs, so I had to figure the loop-de-loops to get MPEG to MOV to MPEG, so […]

Cadence Weapon at the Grog Shop

Last Thursday I went to the Grog Shop to catch Cadence Weapon while everyone else was at the Beachland seeing Explosions in the Sky. I managed to chat with Rollie for a bit before the sets started. He said that their tour had been intersecting with EitS a few times already. He was also sick […]

Dreamland Transportation

Lately I’ve been having many dreams involving various forms of transportation and how they fail me. A frequent one has me in a tiny boat that keeps getting swamped from rough water, leaving me stranded in the middle of a lake; another has me trying to get my unwieldy bike down a steep and narrow […]