I don’t know why this wasn’t published a couple of days ago. The new version of WordPress has some weird bugs in it.

Life at home this week has been a flurry of task-dragon slaying. Every Thursday I clean a bit of the shed out back, piling up towers of junk on the curb for scrappers and the fantastic Cleveland Waste Management fellows to take care of. I’ve been cleaning and preparing the upstairs unit for a tenant, which results in multiple bike trips to Home Depot each night. I’ve been tagging some of my personal junk for a yard sale I’m going to have On May 24th. I had an idea to make it a Punk Rock Flea Market in honor of Punk Rock Softball, which I’m going to have to miss this weekend. It’d be sweet to have a bunch of Cleveland rockers show up and browse each other’s indie crap they don’t want anymore. Grills and beers and informality.

Sorting through all of the stuff upstairs has been an adventure, and it will be nice when the second half of the downstairs is complete, so that Debbie and I can arrange our stuff in some semblance of finality. It’d be nice to have space for the kid when he shows up too. There’s a ton of work that needs to happen there in preparation as well. I’m waiting until after the baby shower to ramp that up.

There’s so much going on, and I feel pulled in so many directions, that I’m almost shackled by indecision. Back to work.