Forked over for some plant life this weekend. For the most part my yard takes care of itself, daffodils and tulips blooming everywhere and the roses starting their warm-up set. I had to repot some sort of succulent that I purchased in the depths of winter for my office, it is doing much better split between two pots 4 times the size of the original.

Peach BlossomsMy 4 peach trees are in full bloom [pictured], but I don’t know how to take care of them. The fig bush died from neglect, since I didn’t wrap it up during the winter. I need to dig up a peach tree too. The previous owner removed their apical meristems, so they only grow out, not up. Like I’ve been doing lately. The whole back yard needs tilled and leveled, but I won’t have time this year. Maybe this fall…been removing all of the decorative brick which was slowly submerging. Free bricks, come and get ’em.

Dug up a yew bush older than I am. Neighbor across the street said they’d been there as long as she’d lived there, over 30 years. Planted a lilac bush in its place. Got some sort of yellow flowering perennial, some Gerber daisies, some omnispermum and gifted crocus and hyacinth bulbs from Sandy.

All the grass in my front yard is dead.

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