Dreamland Transportation

Late­ly I’ve been hav­ing many dreams involv­ing var­i­ous forms of trans­porta­tion and how they fail me. A fre­quent one has me in a tiny boat that keeps get­ting swamped from rough water, leav­ing me strand­ed in the mid­dle of a lake; anoth­er has me try­ing to get my unwieldy bike down a steep and nar­row stair­case, with no rail­ing or walls, a fall would mean cer­tain injury.

I’m guess­ing these dreams are sub­con­scious attempts to deal with my fears of main­tain­ing a strong fam­i­ly and being a good father. It isn’t an easy task, and I’m not con­fi­dent that I have a com­plete grasp on what it entails. Thus, the lack of con­trol over my var­i­ous forms of trans­porta­tion.

The dreams could also reflect a sim­i­lar stres­sor at work, with my cur­rent work­load. I like being busy, but two design­ers and near­ly 70 sites to maintain/convert is a pret­ty hairy recipe. Thank­ful­ly we’re get­ting the design­er I replaced back in mid-May.

I sup­pose the dreams don’t need to have spe­cif­ic caus­es pinned to them; although it seems fair­ly clear to me that I’m feel­ing a dis­tinct lack of con­trol over my life; and for those who know me, they know I like to be in con­trol.

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