Watched a hunting peregrine falcon from my office window and another raptor, much larger, stopped in for an inspection. Didn’t look much like a bald eagle, but could have been a juvenile; they don’t have the markings yet. I don’t know of any other sizable birds of prey in this area.

Lost my fountain pen. For real this time. About 8 years ago, a motherly Christmas gift. It had some serious sentimental value. I could buy the same model & color from Staples, but it wouldn’t be the same.

Great MetaFilter post on Wendell Berry. I’d read Feminism, the Body, and the Machine before, but he’s got a sizable body of work and some serious wisdom on community, environmental, educational and just about any other sort of attitude adjustment you might think the world needs. He’s a poet too.

I’m scheduled to be interviewed by a Boston University journalism graduate student this Saturday about Tremonter and my apparent status as a citizen journalist. Tremonter woke up from its regular winter nap this week. Nice to see.

I renewed my STOP SMILING subscription using the BOGO Superfan offer they currently have going. Sent my cousin Heather the other half. Heard from them today, they upgraded my current ‘script to superfan status just because they rule.

I want my yard, though it became too cold again for much work out there. I think all of the grass in my front is kaput, rue and lamentation.