$30 isn’t a successful yard sale. I was pretty crabby that day; but that was made up for by grilling stuffed pork chops on Monday, making homemade green tea ice cream, and finding out that home renovations can continue next Monday. I just have to get rid of all the unsold yard sale crap, the free crib that we got [sans proprietary hardware for assembly] and try to get our hands on another one via Craigslist, finish cleaning the walls, prime them, paint them, move all our crap out from the midsection of the house for the renovations and find out what the hell is taking my second batch of flooring delivery so long. Still much to do.

Also, I was cat-​married the other night, apparently.

I suppose I should explain this. Deborah was cat-​married to an actual cat in a previous life [aka Baltimore]. She was unaware of this at the time, but after I explained it to her, she decided that she should cat-​marry me as well. I guess she’s a cat bigamist.