Small Complaint

This year it seems like it is tak­ing for­ev­er to warm up. I was rid­ing to work ear­li­er this week, head­ing north­bound on West 25th when I no­ticed that the flags on my side of the street were blow­ing at me. Which is nor­mal since I usu­al­ly ride in­to the wind on my way to work. On the oth­er side of the street, I no­ticed that the flags were blow­ing with me, which al­so makes sense, be­cause on my way back from work I usu­al­ly ride in­to the wind. Normally this is just slight­ly an­noy­ing, but even though I’ve lived in Cleveland for 5 years now, I’m still not used to the late cold and hav­ing frozen hands and ears in late May. Thankfully it is sup­posed to get in­to the 60s this week­end. By late next week it will prob­a­bly be 90 un­til November when it will drop to 40 again. Heh.

One thought on “Small Complaint

  1. It’s typ­i­cal for a Cleveland May based on the 50 years of them that I might re­mem­ber.
    On the bright side it’s great weath­er for sav­ing on en­er­gy bills.
    It’s not quite cold enough to run the fur­nace and not hot enough to run the air con­di­tion­er. Yay!

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