Small Complaint

This year it seems like it is taking forever to warm up. I was riding to work earlier this week, heading northbound on West 25th when I noticed that the flags on my side of the street were blowing at me. Which is normal since I usually ride into the wind on my way to work. On the other side of the street, I noticed that the flags were blowing with me, which also makes sense, because on my way back from work I usually ride into the wind. Normally this is just slightly annoying, but even though I’ve lived in Cleveland for 5 years now, I’m still not used to the late cold and having frozen hands and ears in late May. Thankfully it is supposed to get into the 60s this weekend. By late next week it will probably be 90 until November when it will drop to 40 again. Heh.

One thought on “Small Complaint

  1. It’s typical for a Cleveland May based on the 50 years of them that I might remember.
    On the bright side it’s great weather for saving on energy bills.
    It’s not quite cold enough to run the furnace and not hot enough to run the air conditioner. Yay!

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