Classes and Exercise

I’m tak­ing Basics of Programming; Intro to ASP​.Net; Intro to SQL and JavaScript class­es this sum­mer. So far I’ve had one each of ASP​.Net and SQL. I’ve learned a bit about ASP​.Net pro­gram­ming through hav­ing to mess with the code of the County’s CMS and tweak­ing what the de­vel­op­ers pro­vide me, but the class is help­ing me un­der­stand the gestalt much bet­ter. The SQL class is a blast. I com­plete­ly un­der­stand every­thing that has been cov­ered so far.

The on­ly down­side to these class­es is the tim­ing. Some are at night from 6 – 9, which eats up a whole day in­clud­ing work, and oth­ers are all day on Saturday, which eats the bet­ter part of my week­end. Since I’m work­ing on the house and bid­ing time to the im­pend­ing ba­by, I’m hav­ing less chance to work off the sym­pa­thy weight I put on over the win­ter. My legs are in good shape from bik­ing to work for two months now, but I’m doughy from the waist up. The on­ly an­swer to this is mak­ing my life more dis­ci­plined; ra­tioning my meals and set­ting aside time for oth­er aer­o­bic ex­er­cise. I need to drop back to 180#, and the on­ly way that’s go­ing to hap­pen is if I eat right and run off the ex­tra 10#.

2 thoughts on “Classes and Exercise

  1. Good luck… I’m still try­ing to work off the weight I gained be­fore I re­al­ized I couldn’t eat like an ath­lete any­more.  Whoops.  That stuff sticks.  Hope everything’s go­ing well.  Where are you tak­ing class­es?

  2. Yeah, I think find­ing the time to lose the weight is go­ing to be the hard­est part. I’m tak­ing class­es at CSU’s Cole Center down­town.

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