Classes and Exercise

I’m taking Basics of Programming; Intro to ASP.Net; Intro to SQL and JavaScript classes this summer. So far I’ve had one each of ASP.Net and SQL. I’ve learned a bit about ASP.Net programming through having to mess with the code of the County’s CMS and tweaking what the developers provide me, but the class is helping me understand the gestalt much better. The SQL class is a blast. I completely understand everything that has been covered so far.

The only downside to these classes is the timing. Some are at night from 6-9, which eats up a whole day including work, and others are all day on Saturday, which eats the better part of my weekend. Since I’m working on the house and biding time to the impending baby, I’m having less chance to work off the sympathy weight I put on over the winter. My legs are in good shape from biking to work for two months now, but I’m doughy from the waist up. The only answer to this is making my life more disciplined; rationing my meals and setting aside time for other aerobic exercise. I need to drop back to 180#, and the only way that’s going to happen is if I eat right and run off the extra 10#.

2 thoughts on “Classes and Exercise

  1. Good luck… I’m still trying to work off the weight I gained before I realized I couldn’t eat like an athlete anymore.  Whoops.  That stuff sticks.  Hope everything’s going well.  Where are you taking classes?

  2. Yeah, I think finding the time to lose the weight is going to be the hardest part. I’m taking classes at CSU’s Cole Center downtown.

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