Eating Out in Cleveland

Over the last few weeks I’ve eaten at a couple of new [to me] Cleveland-area food places. My favorite aspect of Cleveland is the ease with which one can go to an authentic ethnic restaurant and never run out of such places to attend. I made it to Sterle’s Slovenian County House awhile back and had a great time. The murals on the walls made it seem like I was back in Slovenia, and the live accordian polka accompaniment and old folks dancing was awesome. It is right around the corner from Empress Taytu.

Brown Bag Burgers near Great Boredom Mall is another tasty little eatery with a mural on the wall. Although their burgers aren’t the Best in Cleveland, they are the exact perfect size for eating, leaving you full but not stuffed, satiated, not begging for more. That’s a hard balance to strike.

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