One Week


Octopus Versus AbrahamAbraham is one week old and I’ve still not managed to get rid of him. I took him to Petco the other day to see if anyone wanted to adopt him. That didn’t work, so I went to Home Depot to try and return him there. Home Depot will take just about anything back but they wouldn’t take the kid.

We’ve been told that routine is the most important thing for a newborn, so we’ve been trying to establish one. Abraham’s in utero routine was to wake up at 10pm and be up from 2-5am every night. This has continued for the most part ex utero. We’ve been trying to change that using various methods. The first is bath time. Every night at 8, and try to keep him awake until we feed him right before 10. By doing this we hope to get a good start to our sleep. This only sort of worked, we neglected to realize that by sleeping all day, of course he’s going to party all night. Yesterday we kept him up with frequent small feedings and he decided to stay awake for a few hours on end on his own. Last night he only fed twice, at 1:30am and at 5. I barely woke up in my memory, but Debbie says I was fussing nearly as much as the baby when he cried.

Naming Convention

We chose Abraham, after a moderate amount of deliberation, because we wanted a strong, biblical name that isn’t used all of the time. The name Abraham certainly fits that bill, and I hope my son grows into it; and becomes as strong and honorable as his namesake[s]. The biblical Abraham is huge figure in Islam, Judaism and Christianity, and Kierkegaard [and other philosophers, so I’ve been told] have used the story about him and Isaac as a frame to analyze ethical and moral behavior.

There’s also Abraham Lincoln; a pillar of humanity if ever there was one.

In terms of nicknames, I’m not a fan of Abe, but I like Bram. And Abraham rolls off the tongue so well that there isn’t much need to shorten it. Everyone liked the name except for the crossing guard.

Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a couple of different answers for his middle name. Originally, I didn’t want to give him one, Abraham Harvey being imposing as it is. But in February, my grandma died. Her name was Frances Sue. I considered having a boy named Sue for a brief time, but settled on Francis, which works out well since Debbie’s father is named Frank.


Abraham wiggles alot.

Me and Abraham

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  1. It took about 4wks for our baby to get his nights and days figured out. He’s 10wks now and usually only gets up once a night to eat. Congratulations!

  2. Adam, a swing is a great thing to keep a baby sleeping throughout the night, my daughter slept in it for the first 2 to 3 months and never in a bassinet.  Also, it makes the clerk at the drugstore suspicious when you are buying all these D batteries.  After week 4 of no sleep, you will realize why the Geneva Convention said that sleep deprivation is considered torture.  After all that, every day is better than the previous…congrats!

  3. you look like such a grown up.  instant adult, just add baby.  love the octopus stop action type of shots. 

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