How Many MPG?

The most common semi-​smarmy question I get about riding my bike to work is: “How many MPG do you get with that thing?” So I decided to do more bike math. There are 2080 calories in one gallon of 2% milk. Using the calories burned count from last year [220 calories per day [6.6 miles per day]] I get 62.7 miles per gallon of milk while riding my bike.

2080220 = 9.454545

9.5 days * 6.6 miles per day = 62.7 mpg.

If the average cost of milk is $3.50 a gallon, it costs me a little more than 5 ¢ per mile.

3.5÷62.7 = 0.0558 $ per mile.

So the next time someone asks, I’ll tell them that I get 62.7 mpg of milk which is about 5¢ per mile; and secure my nerddom for all time.