Ticket Trials

I man­aged to get sea­son tick­ets to the Notre Dame home games this year. This year it al­so looks like I won’t be able to go to any of them. Having a five-month old and lim­it­ed child-care op­tions will do that to you. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to en­ter the lot­tery, even with my Monogram Club mem­ber­ship. Membership dues for alum­ni who’ve been grad­u­at­ed for over sev­en years went up to $300 a year.

I tried to share my Pitt tick­ets with my friend Chas, but his grand­moth­er is hav­ing her 90th birth­day cel­e­bra­tion that week­end. My alum­ni friend Liam didn’t have time to en­ter the alum­ni lot­tery this year, but he wants the tick­ets to the Pitt game to meet up with some oth­er alum­ni friends.

The rest of the tick­ets are go­ing to my un­cle. Corbin is prob­a­bly the biggest ND fan in the fam­i­ly, and he sub­si­dizes my tick­et or­der­ing [which amount­ed to $800 this year]. I re­al­ly on­ly ever want to go to one home game per year, so he al­ways takes the rest of what­ev­er I get. He laid dibs on the Michigan tick­ets right away.

Basically I jumped through all the hoops that I usu­al­ly do, but don’t get a pay­off this year. No va­ca­tion, no ND foot­ball game, its a good thing I have a ba­by to play with.

One thought on “Ticket Trials

  1. If you want to come out for a November game, I don’t think I’ll be go­ing.  The up­shot of this is that I think Christy and I can watch the lit­tle sprout while mom­my and dad­dy take in a ND foot­ball game.  Shoot an email to my ND ad­dress if you are in­ter­est­ed.  Also you can prob­a­bly have my tick­ets and stay with us too.

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