Ticket Trials

I managed to get season tickets to the Notre Dame home games this year. This year it also looks like I won’t be able to go to any of them. Having a five-​month old and limited child-​care options will do that to you. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to enter the lottery, even with my Monogram Club membership. Membership dues for alumni who’ve been graduated for over seven years went up to $300 a year.

I tried to share my Pitt tickets with my friend Chas, but his grandmother is having her 90th birthday celebration that weekend. My alumni friend Liam didn’t have time to enter the alumni lottery this year, but he wants the tickets to the Pitt game to meet up with some other alumni friends.

The rest of the tickets are going to my uncle. Corbin is probably the biggest ND fan in the family, and he subsidizes my ticket ordering [which amounted to $800 this year]. I really only ever want to go to one home game per year, so he always takes the rest of whatever I get. He laid dibs on the Michigan tickets right away.

Basically I jumped through all the hoops that I usually do, but don’t get a payoff this year. No vacation, no ND football game, its a good thing I have a baby to play with.