Another Adventure Dream

Abraham slept from 8:30 to 5:00 last night, so I actually managed to have a long, involved adventure dream of the likes I’ve not had in quite some time.

The earliest part I can remember is that a friend of mine needed me to sell her a car. I wasn’t actually a car salesman, although I had an office at a used car dealership. I was sort of a PI/​answer-​man, so the owner of the dealership let me have my space because it brought people to the place to come see me.

All of this takes place in a Children of Men/​Half-​Life sort of near future. Eventually I wind up under government investigation and they’ve captured some of my “business associates” so a game of cat and mouse ensues where I have to figure out how to free them without being caught myself. There is a mole among all of the people I’m around, which makes it doubly hard. We’re the good guys, of course, fighting against a corrupt government. The division between rich and poor is extremely polarized. The rich are indolent, basically spending all of their time schmoozing, buying expensive stuff from flashy places and slumming. There was an interesing dynamic between the shiny storefronts and their dark back alleys. Restaurants where people are served plates of precious gems in high-​rise towers are steps away from guys playing Rube Goldberg-​like relays races with kegs and cases of beer.

I’m weaving my way through all of this, keeping one step ahead of the pursuit, and also trying to track down my love interest, who is avoiding me for some reason. I eventually run into her in a dingy outskirt at sunset, we finally admit that we love each other and then I figure out she’s the mole, but too late. I try to escape back into the flashy places, but they’ve been arranged so that I can’t escape.

I wanted to dream to continue, but the baby cried.