So apparently the Toadies are back together sans Lisa Umbarger on bass. They had a new album called No Deliverance come out on August 19, and they are going to play the Grog Shop on on October 15. I am so there. The first and last time I saw them was right before their breakup, I was in the front row of Bogart’s in Cincinnati with my best buds from high school and I sang along to every song. We waited out back for them to show after the set, and I got their autographs.

The only question regarding this upcoming show is whether I finally succumb and be That Guy™ in my original Toadies t-​shirt, or I wear my traditional The Bosses You Lose and see if Reznicek remembers it from 8 years ago, when he asked me about it after wondering what the fuck it meant during their set.

Abraham now makes big frowny faces for about three seconds immediately after I smooch him.