Five Thirty Eight

While I was in Chicago, a couple of the guys from 538 rolled through Cleveland. Awhile ago, when they started their On The Road series, I sent Sean and Nate an email asking them to let me know if they needed any help if they came to town. They didn’t spend a day in Cleveland like they have been elsewhere, but they did spend the night in my upstairs apartment. They’re traveling around on a shoestring (they had to bust on down to Appalachia-​Ohio yesterday to catch up with Joe Biden) and doing good work, so I was happy to help out, even in absentia.

This is the second time this has happened to me. In early June of 2007, Division of Planes, a band with a member who is also a member of MetaFilter, came out to Cleveland for a show, and had a good turnout. I scored a free copy of their EP because of it, but happened to be in Canada while they played at Now That’s Class. One of these days I’ll make sure to be in town when I invite people to come visit.