I Voted Early

Today I voted at the BOE. Let me tell you, they are prepared. You should go vote early if you haven’t already. There are two large rooms full of people eager to make voting as easy as possible. It looks like there are a couple hundred available voting booths. The longest part of the process was making my way through the 4 page ballot. The issue language for the City of Cleveland charter amendments is a bit dense, so I encourage you to do your homework before going in, so you can fill out the ballot quickly.

Judge 4 Yourself can help with choosing among the judge races.
Here’s a link to the PDF of the mailer that Cleveland Council sent out about the proposed charter amendments.

That about takes care of the hard stuff to learn about in regard to this year’s election. The state amendments are clearly explained and fairly easy to find more about online.

Take it seriously! Go Vote! It’s the most important civic activity that you can participate in.

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