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Christmas Post-mortem

It is nice to be back home in Cleveland. I spent a week back in my old Indiana stomping grounds; mainly eating and visiting with my family. Christmas itself was excellent, even though I only managed to scrape together 2 hours of sleep after midnight mass. The grandparents and anyone who was on our Christmas […]

RIP Tremonter

I killed Tremonter tonight. It was a good experiment, and taught me a lot about the neighborhood. Through it, I met a bunch of wonderful neighborhood people and another bunch of wonderful Cleveland people. Through it, I became part of the Cleveland Foundation’s Neighborhood Connections Grant Committee, and was sent to some neighborhood leadership training […]

Refinancing… or Not

A month or so ago I stopped into the downtown Fifth Third to inquire about the possibility of refinancing my mortgage. Now that rates have dropped I figured it was a good time to test the waters. I was told that I’d have to pay into the mortgage a bit more before I was eligible, […]

I Can’t Explain Going Out of My Head

I was listening to David Bowie’s cover from the 1973 album Pin-Ups of The Who’s 1965 song I Can’t Explain when the main riff caught me in such a way that it reminded me of another song. After much thought I came up with Fatboy Slim’s hit Going Out of My Head. Wikipedia confirms. I’m […]


Since I haven’t updated this site in over a month, I’m punishing myself [and you as well] by forcing myself to redesign. Again. Only the twist this time is that I’m not doing it behind the scenes, but, bit by bit, while trying to make the site remain readable as I go. Playing with a […]