Christmas Post-mortem

It is nice to be back home in Cleveland. I spent a week back in my old Indiana stomp­ing grounds; main­ly eat­ing and vis­it­ing with my fam­i­ly. Christmas it­self was ex­cel­lent, even though I on­ly man­aged to scrape to­geth­er 2 hours of sleep af­ter mid­night mass. The grand­par­ents and any­one who was on our Christmas card list re­ceived this pho­to:


which was tak­en by my friend and cowork­er Greg Wilson a few months back. He’s a great pho­tog­ra­pher.

My fudge turned out to be the best ever this year. I think I’ve fi­nal­ly fig­ured out the prop­er pro­por­tions of in­gre­di­ents to use, and the best way to let it set. I used a 5# bag of sug­ar do­ing my hol­i­day bak­ing. In the realm of presents I re­ceived an an­i­ma­tron­ic chip­munk, $20 of as­sort­ed in­stant oat­meal pack­ets, a toast­er oven, a go set, and some slip­pers. I gave Debbie a 3# jar of but­tons, a red cardi­gan, and a wal­let which was part of a run­ning gag we have.

Abraham re­ceived a mo­bile com­mand sta­tion. I’m off un­til the 5th, time which will be spent fix­ing the kitchen sink [bad sup­ply lines], do­ing some ad­di­tion­al weath­er­proof­ing [us­ing my new home re­pair book] and de­vot­ing some much need­ed time to catch­ing up with friends and Design State.

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