Abraham Update

Abraham had to be re­strained by the po­lice to­day for the first [and hope­ful­ly last] time in his life. A cop helped me buck­le him in­to the shop­ping cart at the gro­cery.

Eating is some­times a fraught af­fair.

Abraham Eating Animated

4 thoughts on “Abraham Update

  1. Wow… teeth. Crazy. He’s ex­treme­ly cute btw. Also, for the sec­ond time your RSS has stopped work­ing for me. Any idea why?

    Unrelated to any­thing: I know you stopped do­ing the tremon­ter blog, but do you still have ac­cess to some­thing like that? One of my fa­vorite artists lives there and he just lost his cat: 

  2. Heyo Meagan, I’ve got no idea why my RSS has stopped work­ing, un­less it is be­cause I end­ed this post with an im­age. I know Scott pass­ing­ly, but I’m not sure what you mean by ac­cess to some­thing like Tremonter. What’ve you got in mind?

  3. Didn’t have any­thing in par­tic­u­lar in mind… just try­ing to get the word out be­cause, you know, miss­ing cat=sucks.

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