Music Nazi

This may come as a sur­prise, but I’m a bit of a pole-in-the-ass or­ga­niz­ing nazi. I’ve spent over the last year slow­ly tag­ging my mu­sic col­lec­tion. Way back in the day I used RealJukebox as my me­dia play­er of choice, it was ba­si­cal­ly iTunes be­fore iTunes ex­ist­ed. The thing I liked best about RealJukebox was the abil­i­ty to give rat­ings to the songs you liked and build playlists that paid at­ten­tion to those rank­ings.

Yesterday I man­aged to fin­ish rat­ing every song in my li­brary and can just let my smart playlists de­ter­mine what gets shunt­ed over on­to my shuf­fle. I still need to get the re­lease year for many of the songs, and the lyrics for all of them added, but thank­ful­ly I have a pro­gram that will do most of that for me.

My dig­i­tal mu­sic col­lec­tion is in tip-top shape, I end­ed up delet­ing much of my Bowie col­lec­tion, I still have the discs, but the on­ly stuff I ever lis­ten to is Ziggy Stardust/​Diamond Dogs era. Now all I need to do is track down a good record play­er and get some de­cent speak­ers for my phys­i­cal mu­sic col­lec­tion. Too bad Play it Again Sam closed down.