Recorded Live by Adam 2007–2008

I used MPEG Stream­clip to snag the audio from the bands I’ve record­ed over the last two years. The hard part was putting all of the meta­da­ta on the result­ing MP3s [Many of the songs have ‘Unknown’ as the title. If you know what the title is, please let me know]. I’ve zipped them up and now you can down­load them, if you wish. If you’re going to link this around, please link to this post, not the ZIP file. Every­thing was record­ed in Cleve­land, with the excep­tion of a cou­ple of songs from Pitch­fork 2007. Not all the bands are Cleve­land bands, but most of them are. These are field record­ings, so expect to hear drunk peo­ple [includ­ing me] as well as the music. Includ­ed:

Rock on. \m/