The Twitter Nefarious

I’ve de­cid­ed to use Twitter for my own ne­far­i­ous pur­pos­es. I’ve nev­er re­al­ly liked the looks of the thing, and it seems in­cred­i­bly bor­ing viewed from the most com­mon us­es in which I’ve seen it im­ple­ment­ed. It has al­so re­sult­ed in peo­ple re­fer­ring to oth­er peo­ple in com­ments us­ing the @ sym­bol, which is mind-bog­gling­ly an­noy­ing. However, like all things Internet, it con­tains the pos­si­bil­i­ty to be gamed, and though I don’t pos­sess the req­ui­site malev­o­lence to tru­ly at­tempt to game it, I’m just gonna do my own thing [which I’m sure isn’t even orig­i­nal, though I haven’t even checked that]. Blinders are nice. I just wish I had less than 140 char­ac­ters to work with.

At this point, I don’t be­lieve that I’m go­ing to fol­low any­one on Twitter. I’m just go­ing to post one line a day us­ing my dash­board wid­get and oth­er­wise pre­tend that I’m not us­ing Twitter at all. Instead, I’ll see the re­sults of my ex­per­i­ment in the foot­er of my weblog. [The plu­g­in of which ap­pears to not quite be work­ing ex­act­ly well].

4 thoughts on “The Twitter Nefarious

  1. @Adam:

    Welcome. Participate as you will, it’s just good to see you’ve joined.

    “I’m go­ing to try this blog­ging thing, but I don’t think I’ll read any­one else’s blog, I’ll just be post­ing to my own.” — Boring…

    It’s a nice amuse­ment but can be pret­ty durn use­ful as well.

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