The Twitter Nefarious

I’ve decided to use Twitter for my own nefarious purposes. I’ve never really liked the looks of the thing, and it seems incredibly boring viewed from the most common uses in which I’ve seen it implemented. It has also resulted in people referring to other people in comments using the @ symbol, which is mind-​bogglingly annoying. However, like all things Internet, it contains the possibility to be gamed, and though I don’t possess the requisite malevolence to truly attempt to game it, I’m just gonna do my own thing [which I’m sure isn’t even original, though I haven’t even checked that]. Blinders are nice. I just wish I had less than 140 characters to work with.

At this point, I don’t believe that I’m going to follow anyone on Twitter. I’m just going to post one line a day using my dashboard widget and otherwise pretend that I’m not using Twitter at all. Instead, I’ll see the results of my experiment in the footer of my weblog. [The plugin of which appears to not quite be working exactly well].