Cleveland Crocuses

I’m sensing new kinds of life in Cleveland; or at least coming out of my year-long infant-induced social hibernation. In the past couple of weeks I’ve gotten my mitts, mugs and mallei prepositioned by all kinds of various NEO.neo-creativity.

Of course, I’m sure behind the times with a bit of most of it. My schtick seems to be ‘permanently late to the party’.

Pink Eye Magazine – Cleveland-regional arts & culture news. Currently seeking more writers.

Messy Magazine – web-only, submission-focused literary guerrilla art mag.

DEFEND Cleveland – In-progress [by me et al] site design for a certain bearded prophet of Cleveland sports named Mike James.

Fare Trade Records – emerging Hip Hop label brought to you by the Muamin Collective.

I’ve been trying to get my fingers into these sort of things for awhile now, but I seem to be all thumbs. Hopefully not so much any more. I’m racehorse ready for warm weather action. Are you going to get your hands dirty?