Blue Arrow Records

I final­ly made it to Blue Arrow Records on Sat­ur­day, and picked up two Bowie albums that I’ve been hap­haz­ard­ly hunt­ing for: David Live at the Tow­er in Philadel­phia and Aladdin Sane.

While I was in the store I deter­mined that Pete Gulyas doesn’t see his job so much as shop­keep­er but as a cura­tor. This isn’t the place to go if you like dig­ging through hun­dreds of records look­ing for one gem hid­den among them. The chaff has be pre-win­nowed at Blue Arrow, and every piece of vinyl you pick up will be a gem with its own par­tic­u­lar lus­tre.

Apart from spin­ning records, there’s a few spin­ning racks of pulp nov­els, some indie-Cleve­land cloth­ing, cool jew­el­ry and sundry oth­er items, none of which are mere­ly gar­nish. There’s a lit­tle stage with some turnta­bles spin­ning store stock and I was glad to see that I made a good turntable pur­chase when I noticed that Blue Arrow uses an Audio-Tech­ni­ca. I even got a line on some places to hunt for speak­ers local­ly, and Pete said he hopes to broad­en his stock offer­ings to include speak­ers, et cetera once Blue Arrow is a bit more estab­lished.

I for­got to ask him if he’s going to hunt for rare vinyl for peo­ple or stock stuff that might be slow to sell, like the 180g Nep­tune album I’m cur­rent­ly lis­ten­ing to, but I’m plan­ning to lay more of my hard earned cash down on Water­loo at the 2nd Annu­al Record Store Day next Sat­ur­day. The two-hun­dred yards of Water­loo that holds the Beach­land, Music Saves and Blue Arrow Records is like a giant can­dy store for music junkies.

You can read and see a bit more about Blue Arrow Records here:

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  • speak­ing of speak­ers (although you may know more about this already):

    Also jeal­ous of your record store.
    Also, I’m post­ing this while at work.
    Now if only some­one could write a pro­gram that assem­bles box­es and takes pho­tos of them then places them in illus­tra­tor tem­plates with drop shad­ows.

  • That’s a pret­ty good arti­cle, I’ve also been doing my research. Crutch­field and Ask MetaFil­ter have pret­ty much cov­ered all of my bases. Plus pick­ing the brains of Bang & Olufsen store clerks in Chica­go and NYC over the last 6 years.

    I’m right at about the $1k mark they men­tion for my end sys­tem. Just got to keep Abra­ham from eat­ing every­thing.

    My last pur­chase will be some sheathed cop­per wire with a decent gauge from the Home Depot.

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