Two Days

The last couple of days have been great. Good weather after a seemingly endless winter does that, I guess. Friday I got to work from home for the majority of the day since we were shooting a video for the Solid Waste District about the proper ways to dispose of latex paint. The night before, my new neighbor needed to borrow some electricity and ended up giving me a whole bunch of ancient paint to use for the PSA. The labels on the cans are pretty cool:

Ancient Paint Cans with Cool Labels

The shoot went well and I ended up having to bust ass back to work in order to give a presentation to a bunch of folks about using our Content Management System. Slept with the heat off and the window open for the first time in seven months.

This morning Abraham woke us up at 6:30 and after he’d had a bit to drink we watched the sunrise and learned about outside. He loves touching trees and looking at how huge they are. He doesn’t like grass; it is too prickly.

I spent most of the day shirtless in the backyard. I tore up a couple of peach trees using my bare hands:

Peach Trees I uprooted with my bare hands.

I also cleaned out the shed, turned the soil over my tiny garden, and got everything planted. The all-tomatoes-all-the-time patch last summer has been reduced to two plants. The rest of the space is occupied by a bell pepper, basil, chives, oregano and cilantro.

My garden

I had beans & rice for dinner on the porch, and after the little guy goes down for the night, I’m going to eat some chocolate-peanut-butter ice cream on the porch.

My porch still needs a rail-mounted beer-bottle opener. Speaking of that, here’s a list of other things that I need to do around the house (in no particular order):

  • Remodel Kitchen
  • Till & resow backyard
  • Dig up one more peach tree and replace it with something that will provide shade
  • Replace rotten siding
  • New gutters
  • Paint the exterior of the house
  • Finish bathroom
  • Get covers on roof & chimney & get the flashing checked out.
  • Fix basement plumbing
  • Get a cover for the AC & get it hooked back up to the furnace.
  • Get new screen doors
  • Refinish front door
  • Bring wiring up to code
  • New windows
  • Doors rehung