Bus Versus Bike

My ad­ven­tures with the 23 con­tin­ue. Last week I es­sen­tial­ly raced it home every day. Three con­sec­u­tive days I passed it at the cor­ner of Carnegie and Ontario and caught up with it on the oth­er side of the bridge. I’ve got no pseu­do-math to throw at this ex­per­i­ment, but my gut tells me that, at least on the re­turn trip, it is a wash de­ter­min­ing which is faster: my bike or the bus.

The bus al­ways gets to the cor­ner of Clark and Scranton about a minute be­fore me, but I’d have to walk home from there so the bike makes up for that. Similarly, I’d have to walk to the bus stop on Ontario by Public Square to catch the 23, which means that I’d have to wait for the one af­ter the one I’ve been rac­ing since I can’t walk twelve blocks as quick­ly as I can ride them.

I know for sure that my morn­ing com­mute is faster than the 23, since I don’t have to make all of those ear­ly morn­ing stops to pick folks up. I know that no one cares, even I don’t, re­al­ly.

7 thoughts on “Bus Versus Bike

  1. You rid­ing your new-old road bike yet?
    Because if you aren’t you should be able to own the bust once you do.
    While in Chicago and tak­ing the bus I kept think­ing how much faster it would be if I just had my bike with me.

  2. Nah, I haven’t had time to go to the OCBC late­ly. I’m hop­ing I’ll get back down there af­ter Bram’s birth­day par­ty.

  3. It’s prob­a­bly cheap­er in the long run to ride your bike.
    I’ve got a plas­tic Mozart bust that I might mount this morn­ing to see if Matt is cor­rect.

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