BLACKHEART Cleveland Launch

Pretty much right af­ter I shut down Tremonter, I was con­tact­ed by a lo­cal guy who was in­ter­est­ed in start­ing a new weblog for the Cleveland area. He brought me on board for sev­er­al rea­sons: my fa­mil­iar­i­ty with WordPress, my pas­sion for Cleveland, my knowl­edge of the lo­cal blog­ging com­mu­ni­ty and my writ­ing abil­i­ty. I’ve sort of been his point man for set­ting up this new site, scroung­ing up writ­ers and gen­er­al­ly mak­ing sure his vi­sion is well trans­lat­ed to cy­ber­space.

From the mi­ni-about us sec­tion:

BLACKHEART Cleveland brings the best and worst of Cleveland to light in or­der to show you what Cleveland was, is, and can be.

The BLACKHEART Manifesto is our first re­al post. Head on over, and take a look. I hope you en­joy it.

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