Life is Good

My life has been extremely great lately. Abraham is a person now, even though I sometimes think we used too many monkeys when assembling him. He is someone I can interact with and play with all the time. I can anticipate the direction he’ll grow and be constantly surprised by how often I’m right and how often he goes not even the opposite way, but a way I never even imagined. I’ll be at work and then I’ll think about him and want to hug him. I expect this to continue forever.

The weather has been my favorite kind, I’ve been eating great food and making homemade dark chocolate and homemade green tea ice cream. I went to the health fair and found out that I’m slightly healthier than last year. The work on the house is done, and though my bank account is depleted, I get paid three times in October.

October means Halloween, which means I have to figure out what costume I’m going to wear and what Halloween show I’m going to attend. We also might have a fall cookout.

This weekend I get to see my friend Jeremy and his family, and go to the Notre Dame/​Washington game.

There’s something else too, but I can’t seem to remember what it is…

One thought on “Life is Good

  1. You forgot to mention my best friend’s great housewarming party. We found a beautiful antique pitcher & cups for her. They’re glazed yellow to look like they’re always full of lemonade.

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