Money Funnel

Today was a zoo. Got up ear­ly to do some fall clean­ing, just the bed­room to­day. Finished at 9pm tonight. Upstairs ten­ant moved par­tial­ly out to­day, roofers tore off and re­placed part of the bal­cony roof, gas man came out to ver­i­fy a leak (or three) in our nat­ur­al gas line (end re­sult, no gas un­til some­time Monday). Two friends stopped by. Dinner at Crapplepee’s. Target for a bee­dog cos­tume and cedar blocks. Neverending laun­dry. Still wait­ing on fixed gut­ters and glass-blocked base­ment. No ten­ant and grad school pay­ments mean a net -$900 fund­ing switch over last month.

Now I’m off to Now That’s Class for a free dual al­bum re­lease show, where I’ll buy a cas­sette tape I can’t play and a 12″ vinyl that I can.

Once the dust set­tles from the week­end, I think it’s gonna look like I didn’t get paid at all.

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