Money Funnel

Today was a zoo. Got up early to do some fall cleaning, just the bedroom today. Finished at 9pm tonight. Upstairs tenant moved partially out today, roofers tore off and replaced part of the balcony roof, gas man came out to verify a leak (or three) in our natural gas line (end result, no gas until sometime Monday). Two friends stopped by. Dinner at Crapplepee’s. Target for a beedog costume and cedar blocks. Neverending laundry. Still waiting on fixed gutters and glass-blocked basement. No tenant and grad school payments mean a net -$900 funding switch over last month.

Now I’m off to Now That’s Class for a free dual album release show, where I’ll buy a cassette tape I can’t play and a 12″ vinyl that I can.

Once the dust settles from the weekend, I think it’s gonna look like I didn’t get paid at all.

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