Batshit Apace

The sheer, unadul­tered, WTF crazi­ness that is this week con­tin­ues apace. And it’s only just after­noon on Tues­day. Nor­mal­ly I’d be grouchy as all hell, but I’ve heard so many oth­er rela­tions of grouch­i­ness from friends, fam­i­ly, cowork­ers and Face­book, that my anthro­po­log­i­cal obser­va­tion mech­a­nisms queued up my con­fir­ma­tion bias and now I’m just fas­ci­nat­ed with what­ev­er the hell is up with Cleve­land right now.

No one slept well last night, or the night before, except for peo­ple who were drunk or are usu­al­ly insom­ni­ac. Yes­ter­day, I had to lit­er­al­ly sit on Abra­ham in order to get him clothed, no one had a good day at work, and a vacant house owned by an absen­tee preda­to­ry loan scam­mer explod­ed and dam­aged fifty-five oth­er homes, and dis­placed fif­teen fam­i­lies.

Today I was ver­bal­ly abused by a crazy black woman on the bus who near­ly sat on me, and then accused me of try­ing to run her over. She referred to every black per­son as an ani­mal and every white per­son as a dirty human. All at the top of her lungs.

How­ev­er, I just gave blood and now I’m eat­ing left­over chili and a peanut but­ter sand­wich at home.