Batshit Apace

The sheer, unadultered, WTF craziness that is this week continues apace. And it’s only just afternoon on Tuesday. Normally I’d be grouchy as all hell, but I’ve heard so many other relations of grouchiness from friends, family, coworkers and Facebook, that my anthropological observation mechanisms queued up my confirmation bias and now I’m just fascinated with whatever the hell is up with Cleveland right now.

No one slept well last night, or the night before, except for people who were drunk or are usually insomniac. Yesterday, I had to literally sit on Abraham in order to get him clothed, no one had a good day at work, and a vacant house owned by an absentee predatory loan scammer exploded and damaged fifty-five other homes, and displaced fifteen families.

Today I was verbally abused by a crazy black woman on the bus who nearly sat on me, and then accused me of trying to run her over. She referred to every black person as an animal and every white person as a dirty human. All at the top of her lungs.

However, I just gave blood and now I’m eating leftover chili and a peanut butter sandwich at home.