The new se­mes­ter has kicked off and any sem­blance of a hol­i­day has fi­nal­ly left the build­ing. The class I’m tak­ing for the next 4 months is Applied Quantitative Reasoning. The in­struc­tor doesn’t ap­pear to be a hard-ass, but he’s play­ing every­thing ex­act­ly by the CSU pol­i­cy guide. I get the feel­ing be­cause it’s eas­i­er for him to let the pol­i­cy al­ready in place do the work. This class is ba­si­cal­ly a part-time job; sta­tis­ti­cal math­e­mat­ics for 16 hours per week.

It’s go­ing to be a chal­lenge, but I al­ways rise to those. I’ve not ex­er­cised my math mus­cles in a decade, so I ex­pect there will be some nec­es­sary cob­web-blow­ing in the first weeks.

2 thoughts on “Mathlete

  1. Good luck! I’ve al­ways hat­ed stats… wrong kind of math brain. There’s a part of me that gets stuck- when a ques­tion asks what are the chances of a 6 sided di (die?) land­ing on 4 I KNOW the an­swer is sup­posed to be 1 in 6. I WANT to an­swer: ei­ther 100% or 0%. Like Schrodinger’s di or some­thing.

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