514 Snapshot

Rosie & Adam circa 1986

This im­age has been on my About page for years. Before that, as ev­i­denced by the crinkly, thumb­tack-bestabbed bor­der of the pho­tograph, it was on my bul­let­in board for years. It was tak­en at my first home, 514 Franklin Street, in Connersville, Indiana.

There’s a spe­cial place in my heart for this pho­to, de­spite the com­plete­ly in­cor­rect white-bal­ance. Rosie, my bea­gle, was my boon com­pan­ion for 10 years. I still re­mem­ber the mo­ment this was tak­en, the con­crete on this side porch was al­ways cold and slight­ly damp, I could feel it through my sock-feet, and the sand­stony grit un­der my hands. I’ve got my arm locked around Rosie so she would be forced to look at the cam­era for the pho­to.

There were al­ways slugs on the side­walk.

4 thoughts on “514 Snapshot

  1. Hi! My name is Melissa and I am the cur­rent own­er of the house! My hus­band found this while try­ing to find pics of this house from long ago. We love this house very much! I would love if you had any­more, so that we could see what it looked like when you were here or even if you have pics from years pri­or to liv­ing here.Please write back! 


  2. Hi Melissa. I know my mom has a ton of pho­tos from the ear­ly 80s in that house. I’ll send her your email ad­dress so she can get in con­tact with you. She still lives in Connersville.

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