To Do List

  • Das Schnitzel Haus
  • Udupi
  • East Coast Original Custard
  • Korea House (The Bibim Bam is as awesome as I remembered)
  • Punk Rock Softball
  • Caveman Diaries/Megachurch CD Release (more to come)
  • Paint upstairs apartment
  • Eat southern-roasted turkey, polenta and roasted red onion & avocado salad with neighbors
  • Jack Frost Donuts (I’ve had the donuts plenty of times, but never actually been there)

I need to hang out in Parma more often. All kinds of great places to go.


4 thoughts on “To Do List

  1. My neighbor, Elton, was also talking about Die Braumeister. I’ve not been to either place. I’ve been to Udupi before, although it has probably been 5 years.

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