2010 Cleveland Dragon Boat Festival

I went to the 2010 Cleveland Dragon Boat festival with Bram on Saturday. We had a tough time getting there because I forgot just about all of the bridges in the Flats are closed, so we missed part of the opening ceremonies. And then we ended up leaving early because I got an inch long splinter in my foot (don’t wear sandals on the Nautica boardwalk), and there wasn’t a first aid kit to be found. Nonetheless! We had an excellent time. Here’s some video I took. It is pretty shaky, because it is hard to film steadily with a two-​year old on your shoulders:

4 thoughts on “2010 Cleveland Dragon Boat Festival

  1. We very much enjoyed the festival! That is me steering in the pink wide brimmed hat. — Coach Karen Kilroy, Dragon Dream Team

  2. By the way, I forgot to compliment you on a fine job. This is a beautiful video and I love the Chinese Instruments!

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