A Brag

Here’s how Cleve­land is bet­ter than wher­ev­er you live. Only here can I imag­ine the ease with which one can go from a plan­ning ses­sion on increas­ing local gov­ern­ment trans­paren­cy (replete with excel­lent, local­ly pro­duced, eth­ni­cal­ly accu­rate Ara­bic food)(and awash with qual­i­fied, moti­vat­ed, well-inten­tioned folks from all walks of life) to a ten minute dri­ve to a bar with the best Ukrain­ian food out­side of Ukraine to cel­e­brate your neighbor’s birth­day with his fam­i­ly and plen­ty of krup­nikas, piero­gie, and pota­to pan­cakes. Not only that, but when you tell the Ukrain­ian bar­tender you want a Balti­ka, she knows to bring you the 8.0% ABV ver­sion instead of the weak­er beer. Then you can head home to your amaz­ing­ly afford­able abode in one of the hip neigh­bor­hoods to enjoy bour­bon and a Cohi­ba on your porch on a per­fect sum­mer evening with the afore­men­tioned neigh­bor who just so hap­pens to be so nice that he’ll fix your car for a case of Pab­st.

The best part is: I could have done about 10 things this evening oth­er than what I just described and all of them would have been as equal­ly badass.


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