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You have a dream that you’re running and the harder you run, the slower you move. Or you are ever colder, each moment you feel is the limit but then you are colder still. Or hot: The bead of water rolls down the rock face, a wet trail on sun-burned stria that never quite reaches […]

A Decade of Organic/Mechanic

Somewhere in the last couple of months this weblog had its 10 year anniversary. It was emo and ill-written 10 years ago, and I’m sure at least one friend would still claim that it is. For me, browsing through the archives offers a good recapitulation of where and who I was, and how I’ve become […]

Alien Queen Mother

I You were born with a nest full of eggs in your chest laid by some alien queen mother at the dawn of time for that right resonant frequency and when her daughter speaks it an egg will wobble, microwave words heat it to hatching and a phoenix! and my chest is full of hot […]

Groundhog Dream #2

One of the most interesting things about dreams is how we can hold them fully understood in our minds but, when we try to write them down, the structure collapses. This not only illuminates the imperfection of written or spoken communication, but also, more subtly, indicates the natural illogic and unreasonableness of our minds. A […]