For RA and Lyz

Music cre­ates order out of chaos:
for rhythm impos­es una­nim­i­ty upon the diver­gent,
melody impos­es con­ti­nu­ity upon the dis­joint­ed,
and har­mo­ny impos­es com­pat­i­bil­i­ty upon the incon­gru­ous.
— Yehu­di Menuhin

we writhe with words a space
within each letter, between each word
a kern to
our ken, an inpouring an
imploding, our voices warp 
and weft of moebius
meaning, a chattered orbit
in which even interstitials 
cave in
our flood-filled mouths

we sink 
together, a tidal
pooling, taste of your
voice in my 
throat, a blood
and salt amalgam, we eat
     of our speech, we 
     swallow our shared 
     tongues, speak
     the same 
walk backwards
into our future

something like