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Prayer for Newtown II

Lord, we cannot lift up our hearts today. The hot breath of chaos draws tears from our eyes. We crouch in silent playgrounds trembling as little ghosts tumble by in wakes of leaves. We stare hollow-eyed as we enumerate the paths of could have lead to anywhere but here. We press against the door, hide […]

Prayer for Newtown I

In this time of trial I ask not for the emptied skull of my enemy, your intercession in flame and retribution, the cessation of bloody palms, or a salve for all the skin-stripped and salted breathless held souls of America. I do not ask for the return of a Savior whose death for our sins […]

Newtown’s Law

there are many holes too wide and deep to be filled by eyes they are stepped around gingerly of heels placed with pains taking care a blind dance of fissured eyes averted of shaking hands circumscribing the void piecemeal at this pit of botched communique silent static and dead children no one looks up while […]


Three named clothespins play daily hopscotch on three sheets of construction paper. The dog is on red. We caught her on the couch. My son (on green) is the arbiter of her color and mine. I choose his, but he moves the pins. I should probably be on yellow every day. I’m lucky he’s in […]

Prayer and Agoniste

It derived from the blown and cratered gristle of Sinai, oral lore codified by relentless centuries of infant skin scraps, torn hair, and bloody stones yet, now, once, we upon a time saw a singular sheep, fresh sheared, in-penned, dulled by childish pats, ever beshepherded. once seen, but not since. and, told we are sheep […]

Cuckoo Wasps

and as the winged insects pour forth from hinged skull, a stretch no more than reason – the timbalous rudiments of flight on frisking wings – the staples of summered dusk – late sun shattering on nicks of stained glass – of infiltration – a stolen clasp of mind – a decanted vacuum where once […]

Horror Comedy Adventure Dream*

So I own the House Of Leaves and my movie-generic wife is swallowed by an evil crab-walking toddler who crawls into a cupboard and morphs into a rolled up bath rug. Wu Tang Iron Fist RZA shows up to take care of the possessed house issue and brings U-God with him. U-God tries to saw […]

Trigger Warning

I’ll see your vegan feminist organic fair trade vertically farmed locally sourced free range kale and raise you one nuke a godless communist gay baby seal for Christ. Whether driven in frenetic asceticism or buzzed in actinic economics everybody seems pissed off in these days of judgment. There are two kinds of triggers. You’ve been […]

We shall not last

even if a tremble of portents are assuaged by the dark children of future decades even if we dodge probability with some nimble mathematics barely apprehended even if our final balance of dawdling fills no more than a thimble even if we are forgiven I say: if combatant claims divide our attempts to hold close […]


Everywhere I go there are rules – different ones for my homes and my school. My mom tells me yes and my dad tells me no – I’m either going too fast or going too slow. I shouldn’t throw toys – unless it’s a ball I’m outside – and it’s summer – or fall. I […]

The Face In The Tree

We tend to things apparent to us. Sit and look or stand and look and shape a rabbit out of cloud, a wolf out of lurking shadow, whispers in the leaves. Bring me a cup of water and a cup of wine and I shall drink both, mixing chaos out of order in my brown […]

All heels and elbows

All the ungainly bits of your body passed over for the bole of your ear, the pulse at the back of your jaw, the rolling round And I’ve done it again, ignored the pointed joints that swing your arms around me, the tendons pulling your fingers down my back, palms forgotten by wrist proximity, your […]


To describe silence with sound is an irony profound: words are filaments. Better: with emptied chest, closed mouth. Head and hands cupped – night branches for lambent birds to rest upon. Almost all my poems have jokes in them. There are two here: both are the obvious rhyme in the first stanza, a sort of […]

Faraday Cage

I stood in a puddle, copper wire twined round my fist, vined down my arm, and sought to conjure some false spirit with a jar of fireflies, an old key, a wisp of your hair. and when the bolt shot I felt nothing but ensconced in deaf air, unsinged, a permutation of static yet, overhead […]

Blind Side

The light turned green a white cane appeared in my periphery I slammed my foot and the blind man backed to the curb. Did he sense some subtle shift of engine sound an altered emission taste on the tongue? I drive wary at dark and I’m wrong when I say lights blind me, my sight […]

For Summer

My beast fears me as we fear the Lord. Its only sins inherent, strewn across my days in hair and den scent. I do not care for this, but I care that it trembles when I come to it; howls when I walk away. It roams my home, avoiding me. It hackles at any approach […]

Knave of Swords

rustled, prone in to cacophony, O knave of swords gagged by sharp iron down gullet you cannot shout around your nature there must first be time for dehiscence despite the all around voices dinning to oblivion like trees pilloried by the wind. Tilt of chin back, mouth spat tongue, two fingers reach in for a […]