Prayer for Newtown I

In this time
of trial I ask not
for the emp­tied skull
of my en­emy, your
in­ter­ces­sion in flame
and ret­rib­ution, the
ces­sa­tion of bloody
palms, or a salve for
all the skin-stripped 
and salted breath­less
held souls of America.

I do not ask for
the re­turn of a Savior
whose death for our
sins seems a half
mea­sure com­pared to
the grin­ning demons
our lost boys be­come.

I do not ask for hope;
I ask for amnesty.

You say we stole
the knowl­edge
of good & evil — let us re­turn it.

If not, fin­ish us 
off for good
be­fore we do it
for evil. 

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