Trigger Warning

I’ll see your ve­gan
fem­i­nist or­ganic fair trade
ver­ti­cally farmed lo­cally sourced
free range kale and raise
you one nuke a god­less
com­mu­nist gay baby seal for

Whether dri­ven in
fre­netic as­ceti­cism or
buzzed in ac­tinic eco­nom­ics
every­body seems pissed
off in these
days of judg­ment.

There are two kinds
of trig­gers. You’ve been
warned. Now,

go ahead and
pull one — 

I dare you.

I get an­noyed by holier-than-thous of any stripe. I can be one at times. Or most of the time. Anyway, hol­ler­ing on about what­ever type of fun­da­men­tal­ism you choose isn’t pro­duc­tive. The more we preach the less we lis­ten. If you’re gonna holler though, you might as well piss off every­one and take the bul­let.

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