Digging Drifter Bags

I follow this style site called Well Spent. They “[feature] honestly crafted products that look good and don’t cost an arm and a leg.” Last week they did a Q&A with Drifter Bags. The first thing that struck me was that it was an Ohio brand. I shoved the link up on Facebook, and, lo, my friend Rich commented with an address. Turns out Drifter Bags is based 15 minutes from my house.

Well, now I just had to go visit. They do their work in what looks like an old car dealership. I walked in and Tony Nguyen himself came out to say wait on me. The place is filled with merchandise, all of it stylish and intriguing. Most of the bags are made out of sturdy nylon pack cloth, but if you’re looking for sturdy Cordura, or Martexin waxed cotton, or a bag made from cloth produced at the Bemidji Woolen Mills in Minnesota, you can take your pick.

Tony told me that the bags are hugely popular in Japan, Australia and Europe, but aren’t getting much attention in the States. Hopefully that will change.

I picked up the Martexin waxed cotton Classic Messenger Bag and a wallet for my son. And, good for me and others within driving distance, the prices were a bit less on select items in the store.

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