Heirlooms & Detritus

As I’m currently engaged in my biennial deep-​clean of my house, I’m concentrating on getting rid of things that I don’t actively use. It’s an assortment of the usual stuff, clothes I bought, books I no longer want, etc. Disposing of that stuff is pretty easy, but this year I’m concentrating on the stuff I’ve been hauling around in boxes for years; stuff that just sits, taking up space. Mostly material memories.

I haven’t worn my Notre Dame monogram jacket in a decade. Do I really need to keep it? I have my baby china. I have no memory of ever eating off of it. Do I really need to keep it? Do I really need to save my yearbooks, my collection of battleship drawings, my baseball cards, my complete set of unopened Star Wars Episode I Lego? What’s mine & special to me I will keep, and it’s mostly small, or digitized. Photos, my national championship ring, my first stories. There are also items that have been handed down to me that I care for: my grandpa’s cufflinks, my grandma’s poetry, some of my mom’s antiques, quilting & needlework.

I’m having trouble discerning the line between what I want to save, what I don’t care about, and what my son might want years from now. And, I really, really, really don’t want to haul around giant plastic tubs for the next 30 years that are a personal library of my life as a child.

File this under: Crap that I don’t want but don’t know how to get rid of.