Trying out Forestbare

So, yet again, one of my fa­vorite men’s style web­sites, Well Spent, clued me in to a com­pa­ny sell­ing ex­act­ly what I’ve been look­ing for. It might seem ba­nal to you, but, as part of my quest to buy more American-made stuff & fo­cus more on nat­ur­al foods, clean­ing sup­plies & groom­ing sup­plies, I was re­al­ly ex­cit­ed to learn about this all-nat­ur­al, American-made men’s groom­ing shop: Forestbare.

So far I’ve been re­al­ly im­pressed with the qual­i­ty and price of the things I got from them. And I es­pe­cial­ly like that the in­gre­di­ents and man­u­fac­tur­ing lo­ca­tion is list­ed on every page. I guess I’m kind of be­com­ing that guy.

So here’s a quick run-down:

Abraham’s Face & Beard Wash

This was rea­son­ably priced enough that I ba­si­cal­ly bought it be­cause Abraham is my son. I’ve been us­ing it for a week now, and due to the sal­i­cylic acid/​jojoba oil com­bo, I have had no beard/​shaving re­lat­ed pim­ples. It bare­ly has a scent, but match­es up nice­ly with the awe­some Duke Cannon hair wash I’ve been us­ing. (I found that via Lodge Goods, an­oth­er one of my new fa­vorite on­line re­tail­ers of American-made stuff.)

Craftsman Soap Company Activated Charcoal Soap

I’d stopped us­ing soap be­cause that shit dried out my skin and moved on to body wash. It’s ac­tu­al­ly nice to be us­ing soap again, and this stuff doesn’t dry out my skin or leave a no­tice­able residue. I’m down.

Puur Beard Face Beard Balm

Despite all my beard oil tom­fool­ery, I hadn’t bought any­thing, uh, gooier to put on it, but this stuff looked promis­ing. As it says, it’s not a mous­tache wax, but I’ve been us­ing it as such. My beard is so wiry, that I’ve been tam­ing the bits around my face with this. I like it, and might up­grade to a mous­tache wax even­tu­al­ly.

Puur Fireman Fresh Scent Beard Oil

So of course I bought the beard oil. I was stoked to see that, where most beard oils start out at $10/​oz, this one was $7 for 2oz. That’s be­cause the oils used are pret­ty com­mon, but the scent is just the right blend of smoke & cit­rus, and it’s work­ing just as well to keep my beard shiny & hap­py. I’m def­i­nite­ly us­ing this as my dai­ly beard oil, un­less I’m feel­ing fan­cy.

KOTFW Hair & Beard Pomade

I’m not re­al sure about this one. It’s ba­si­cal­ly an odor­less wax. I have to use the edge of my comb to get any of it out, and then rub my hands to­geth­er Mr. Miyagi-style to melt it enough to get in my hair. Once in there though, it does a great job hold­ing my hair­style with­out a wet look. I wish it came with a lit­tle scraper tool to get it out & smelled a bit more like the Iron Society po­made I won from Cloak & Dapper.

Live Beautifully Fresh Mountain Timber Deodorant

This is the stuff I was most ea­ger to try. I’ve been stuck us­ing a salt block as a de­odor­ant be­cause my armpit flesh is ex­tra-sen­si­tive due to all the chem­i­cal burns oth­er de­odor­ants have giv­en me. Even Tom’s of Maine ir­ri­tat­ed me. And the salt block killed the stink (un­less it is re­al­ly hot out) but did noth­ing to stop me from pit­ting out. I’m hap­py to say that this stuff is amaz­ing. Smells a bit like an all-nat­ur­al Old Spice, no burn­ing, no full-on pit sweat, and it on­ly needs to be ap­plied very very spar­ing­ly to get the job done. Definitely buy­ing this again and again.

So if you’re a dude who’s in­to any of the stuff I just wrote about, give this shop a try. They al­so have great cus­tomer ser­vice and ship quick­ly.

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