All-American Hoodie Battle: HOMAGE v. American Giant

Almost a month ago, this tweet:

led to a bit of a chal­lenge be­tween two Made-in-America brands — HOMAGE & American Giant — that I vol­un­teered to judge. 

I’d pur­chased a cou­ple of Ohio-based HOMAGE hood­ies around Christmas when they had their fleece sale. American Giant was run­ning a Father’s Day pro­mo­tion which en­abled me to pick up a hoodie and a t-shirt at a dis­count. Here are the items I’m com­par­ing:

I’m pretty picky when it comes to the qual­i­ties I look for in a hoodie, namely: it’s fit, com­fort, style, and, most im­por­tantly, hood fit. Here’s a com­par­ison of the hoodie con­struc­tion as cribbed from their web­sites.

HOMAGE American Giant
  • 100% cot­ton, 8.8 oz combed ring-spun fleece
  • Dry ex­te­rior hand
  • Brushed in­te­rior for added warmth and soft­ness
  • 11.4 oz cot­ton rib with 5% span­dex for re­cov­ery
  • Raglan sleeve de­sign
  • Double-lined hood
  • Double layer rib side pan­el­ing for mo­bil­ity and fit
  • Custom metal zip­per with color-matched zip­per tape
  • Contrast-dyed draw­cord with cus­tom metal grom­mets
  • Reinforced el­bow patches
  • Classic 4” long cuffs and waist rib­bing
  • Kanga pock­ets re­in­forced with bar tacks
  • Flatlock and re­verse cov­er­stitch seam­ing
  • Pre-washed and shrunk to fit
  • Made in the USA
  • Built to last


The ques­tions I ask my­self in re­gard to fit are: Are the arms long enough? (The closer to 36” the bet­ter.) Does it bag out around my mid­sec­tion? Does it hold its shape? Does it get in the way?


The arms are plenty long enough for me on the large, which is great for win­ter in-home wear, the only is­sue I’ve ex­pe­ri­enced with the sleeve length is that they’re just a bit too long, and my hands have stretched out the cuffs. The sleeves are slim for my stick arms, which I’m a big fan of. In terms of hold­ing its shape, I don’t get the sense that it is sup­posed to, it drapes on you. It doesn’t get in the way, but it also doesn’t wear well as a mid­dle layer, as it kind of sticks out in odd spots if I try to throw a coat on over it.

American Giant

The sleeves hit right on my wrists, and while it isn’t quite as slim-fit­ting as the HOMAGE hoodie, it also isn’t no­tice­ably baggy. The cut and con­struc­tion of this en­sures that it will hold its shape, which is good for long-life, but makes me think it won’t re­ally mold to my shape af­ter awhile.

Winner: American Giant. The American Giant hoodie just fits bet­ter the first time.



This hoodie is soft, light, fluffy, like wear­ing a blan­ket.

American Giant

Because the fit is so pre­cise, you don’t re­ally no­tice you’re wear­ing this at all.

Winner: Tie. If your idea of com­fort is be­ing un­der a blan­ket, you’ll go with HOMAGE. If your idea of com­fort is feel­ing like you’re not wear­ing clothes, you’ll go with American Giant.


Left side: HOMAGE Right side: American Giant
Left side: HOMAGE
Right side: American Giant


I ab­solutely love the heathered cloth & col­ors avail­able in this hoodie. The pock­ets are a bit small, and I wish the hem & cuffs had a bit more of the “re­cov­ery” that the American Giant hoodie has. The qual­ity of the cloth & it’s thick­ness are def­i­nitely lesser than American Giant, but that’s fleece for you.

American Giant

There are a lot of col­ors to choose from, but they are all solid, which is a bit too plain for my taste. The larger pock­ets. I love the re­in­forced fore­arm, and the stur­di­ness of the cuffs and hem. While the 100% cot­ton cloth is of higher qual­ity, it also makes the hoodie ap­pear much more plain.

Winner: Tie. Once again, this de­pends on what you’re go­ing for. If you’re look­ing for ca­sual com­fort with a bit of flair, you’ll go for HOMAGE. If you want unas­sum­ing but pre­ci­sion de­tail, you’ll go with American Giant.

Hood Fit


This hoodie has a nice curve too it, and doesn’t ob­struct my vi­sion. I’m not a fan of the vis­i­ble fleecing, and it looks pretty weird when it is not up, but com­pared to the American Giant hood, it’s a clear win­ner.

American Giant

This is a good dense hood, but it sits with a weird flat­ness on my head, and re­ally catches the wind when I have it up.

Winner: HOMAGE Still, it’s noth­ing like my GOAT J.Crew hoodie’s hood. Snug around my head, but not ob­struc­tive, it af­fords per­fect cov­er­age and pro­tec­tion with­out the ex­cess fab­ric that might make me look like a half-assed Jedi.


This re­ally de­pends on what you want in a hoodie. These are two sep­a­rate species, each with their own niche. HOMAGE is com­fort­able, su­per-ca­sual, col­lege-wear, American Giant is fo­cused, pre­cise, for some­one who has de­mand­ing stan­dards for what they ex­pect from their cloth­ing. I think the American Giant hoodie is the best value of the two, but they’re both good brands pro­vid­ing American made goods in a mar­ket filled with cheap crap. I’d rather buy ei­ther of these hood­ies than drop $50 on one made by 5 year olds in Thailand from some fancy de­part­ment store.

UPDATE: After read­ing this post, HOMAGE con­tacted me and gave me some store credit! They’ve al­ways had amaz­ing cus­tomer ser­vice.

15 thoughts on “All-American Hoodie Battle: HOMAGE v. American Giant

  1. The Flint & Tinder 10-Year Hoodie would be a good one to add to this mix. I have one and it’s nice, but the hood is gi­ant for me and the over­all fit is a lit­tle large on my as well. 

    PS: Fellow Clevelander!

  2. Brett, I love Flint & Tinder’s un­der­wear, and I took a good look at their hood­ies. I’m kinda stocked up at the mo­ment though!

  3. If you wear a small/​medium and want to try mine out just to add it to the com­par­ison you’re wel­come to try it out. I’m ac­tu­ally in­ter­ested in see­ing the American Giant stuff.

  4. Sure thing dude. I’m sad that it’s a bit too big for me, it’s re­ally the only rea­son I don’t wear it much. If I pickup some­thing from American Giant I’ll ac­tu­ally have to get a women’s ver­sion.

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