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At Lincoln Park Pool

despite the heat advisory, I brought my son to swim. ninety-four degrees on July 4th and Cleveland has been grilling ribs since 9AM and bottle rocket blasting since June 15th. My son runs off – but Antonio, thumbprinted mark of Cain beshouldered, ever-belligerent, redmopped stutterer with metal-backed teeth – comes to spit self-conscious impudence. He may […]

Free Haircut

I got an unexpected free haircut today from the ladies who run the Gentlemen’s Barber Shop in Tremont. Apparently they’ve gotten some business from my Tremonter posting about the place. I tried to talk them out of it, but there was no dice. They wouldn’t even take a tip. I’m just glad to know that […]


Almost a year ago I made my first Google Map for the redesign of the TWiFi site. I didn’t touch the API again until I finally started redesigning Tremonter a few months back. The idea for creating a neighborhood map for Tremont had been rattling around in my head since I first started the site, […]

Another Tremont Weekend

On Friday I spent about 5 hours on the ArtWalk, including judging a Muttsquerade, and on Saturday and Sunday I spent much of my time on the redesign of Tremonter. The design itself is pretty much finished, and now I’m just tweaking the configuration, adding more content and a bit more functionality. If I can […]

Tremont is Dead. Long Live Tremont.

When I first moved to Tremont almost two years ago I only knew two people in the neighborhood. They’ve since moved to New York City, greener pastures, and better opportunities. As I’m not very good at making friends, I decided that a good way of meeting people in the neighborhood would be to start a […]


The night before last I met a relatively new Tremont resident for beer and tacos at the Lincoln Park Pub. We spent nearly two hours chatting about the various places we’d lived in Indiana, job prospects and how to fix Cleveland. Yesterday I was going to write more about this, but due to a power […]

Some Deal

I’ve got so much web-based work to do that I’m considering dropping the $50/mo it would cost to have internet access at home again. The redesign of Tremonter is moving fitfully, I’m having to teach myself much mySQL, and Drupal‘s documentation assumes a certain level of developer expertise that I’m just now getting. The interactive […]

Slackjaw, Amy Kasio, The Shondes and a musing

Last night at The Church I saw three bands. Slackjaw [soon to be Early Girl] was a folky-moving-toward-rock band from Cleveland that put together a decent sound but I seem to have caught them in the awkward part of the transition. The vocals are still folky and get overwhelmed by the music. Amy Kasio was […]

Mortgage Test Results

So it looks like I’m not going to be able to afford a house in Tremont. With only one exception, every house that I researched [about 2 dozen] would sell for significantly more than what I can get a mortgage on. There was one house on Auburn, purchased in 1997 for $13k, that was sold […]

Tremont Burger

My 4th of July would have been dead all day if it weren’t for Tremont businesses who were open. I dropped off Carl Sagan’s The Demon-Haunted World at the Library and ran in to Steve and Kathy Smith and Steve Goldberg on the way. I stopped in to Scoops and got a Wild Cherry-Cranberry smoothie […]

Tremont AlcoCrawl

I got sauced this weekend, since I organized and followed through with a tour of all the ritzy drinking establishments in Tremont. The Velvet Tango Room was by far my favorite, and I’m going to have to stop in for their complimentary sushi on Tuesdays. All the reviews start here and plenty of pictures are […]

Saturday Observations

Apparently they’re called gingerbread persons now. Pretty girls in Tremont run early in the morning, not in the afternoon like I do. Little boys named Mateo will magically appear every time you’re at the library and annoy the ever-living shit out of you while you apply for jobs. I love giving people directions to places […]

Tremont Laundromat Take n

Recently I’ve been doing my laundry in the evenings, and there is always a very old lady playing lottery with scratch off tickets the entire time I’m there. It doesn’t matter which day, or what time, she’s there. She only scratches off one ticket at a time, then leaves the table in the laundromat, goes […]

Things Were Done This Weekend

The house across the street from my apartment is for sale for $50k. The house payment would be cheaper than my rent, but upon looking at the inside I estimated another $50k would need to be invested just to make it livable. I don’t have the time, money or inclination to do that kind of […]

Guinness in Tremont – For Science!

If you go over to Tremonter you can check out the progressively drunker reviews I did for all the places in Tremont that have Guinness on tap. This post links to all of ’em. I was alone for most of the tour, but Jeff Schuler caught up with me at The Treehouse. He’s a cool […]

Tremont Tuesday

Last evening was the perfect evening to be outside. So I hopped on my bike for a nice leisurely ride, intending to explore Ohio City. I never made it out of Tremont. I ran into Lou Muenz, coming from the Lincoln Park Pub and their $1.25 taco night. We rode around the neighborhood a bit, […]

150th ArtWalk

Last night was some sort of weird art nirvana in Tremont. For the 150th ArtWalk no punches were pulled. I started out at Inside-Outside where I ended up buying a small painting, then I headed over to the Scranton Gallery for some poetry readings, then I stopped by the park for some Summer Shakespeare, then […]

Adventures in Tremont

I’ve been spending a lot of time hanging out at the local ice cream place. I killed a couple of hours there early Friday evening, shooting the shit with the folks that work there and a couple more hours yesterday, where one of the workers directed me to the site of her semi-nude photos. [!] […]

First Thoughts on Tremonter

I’m heartened by the initial response I’ve gotten with Tremonter. I’ve received an email from a professional photographer who would like to take some pictures for me, an email from a Tremont resident who has B&W photos that she’s willing to have posted, encouragement from fellow bloggers and most importantly, visitors I’ve never heard of.

Well, I’m finished putting together my Tremont specific weblog and bulletin board. I was going to wait till May to tell everyone, but since I’m only left with the neverending “adding of content” phase, I thought I might as well get it over with. Now I’ve just got to get the word out around Tremont. […]

Auburn Block Club Meeting – April 2005

The Auburn Block Club is a whole different beast than the Professor-Thurman-Valley View club. I guess my initial confusion as to which I belonged to was well-founded; My building sits right on the dividing line.

April Professor-Thurman-Valley View Block Club Meeting

This was a big meeting last night and the upshot of it is that I finally discovered which block club I’m supposed to be going to, officially. It ain’t this one. No big deal though, because both block clubs have stuff to do with my street and I’ll take any excuse to visit Lucky’s.

March Block Club Meeting

I just got back from the March Professor/Thurman/Valley View block club meeting. Councilman Cimperman was present to listen to our concerns and to tell us a bit about what is going on with Steelyard Commons and other items of Tremont interest.

Block Club Meeting

I went to a block club meeting for Tremont residents last evening. It doesn’t matter which block club because apparently I can go to any block club I want to go to and everyone will welcome me. As expected, most of the members there were older, the youngest probably being in the late 30s to […]